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Breast augmentation

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Breast implants

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About Breast Implants Sydney

Have you thought of doing something about the shape and size of your breasts? Well, that’s what breast implants are all about. The procedure is now available at an affordable cost in Sydney and other parts of Australia. You don’t have to travel abroad to enhance the shape or size of your breasts.

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Before you undergo breast augmentation surgery, make sure to clear out your schedule for up to two weeks. Doctors will advise you to rest and tell you what you should and should not do.

Among those recommendations rest, avoidance of strenuous work, and more. Therefore, if you do not want to stress yourself out worrying about the commitments that you will leave, make sure to clear them out before the surgery.

Moreover, choose the best surgeon who will do the procedure for you.

Ask them relevant questions, such as about the doctor's experience in this kind of procedure, credibility, common complications to expect, and the like. It will be best if you do your research.

After you undergo surgery to receive your implants, you should expect some soreness, swelling, and discomfort due to the operation. However, this uncomfortable sensation should last only for weeks. During this time, you must observe the proper ways to take care of yourself to avoid or minimize complications, infection, and the like.

During the 48 hours, you might experience slight fever and see redness on your breasts. Do not worry about these symptoms because they are normal after the operation.

However, if the fever and redness last more than two days, that is the time to consult your doctor.

After the surgery, doctors will often advise you to take two days of complete rest. Resting is vital so that your body can recover and heal fast. Resting will relax the muscles in your chest, and you will achieve the best result of your implant.

As you go home, your bandage might still be in place. Some doctors might advise you to replace it once every day, while the others will recommend to you to keep it in place. Surgeons might have different recommendations on what you should do during the post-operative care for yourself. Follow your doctor’s instructions.

As you care for yourself at home, your doctor may advise you to take some medications, which include antibiotics and pain relievers.

There might also be a Jackson-Pratt (JP) drain inserted through your chest where the fluid from the operation should go out. Your doctor or nurse will advise you on how you should clean it because you have to deal with it for up to two weeks.

If you want to take a shower, make sure that you don't get your bandage wet within two days after the operation. Therefore, swimming and tubs are not ideal at this moment.

If you have to use any chemicals like lotion or deodorant near an incision, better consult your doctor about it.

A supportive bra can be your best friend for up to six weeks. It is advisable not to wear a bra with underwire.

Moreover, never exhaust yourself by doing a strenuous activity. Working out or doing strenuous activities can tighten the muscles in your chest. Doctors might also advise you not to lift weights more substantial than 2 kilograms for up to 6 weeks.

Implants are low maintenance, but it does not mean that you should neglect your breast duties as a woman. Even though you have implants in you, monthly breast exams are still a must. Although it feels uneasy about doing it at first, you will get used to this sensation.

Do not forget your mammogram check-ups. Tell the medical technician that you have breast implants before the mammogram.

If you have silicone implants, the FDA recommends that you should take an MRI every three years to see if either of them is leaking.

If you have saline implants, the leak is more identifiable because you can see it in the appearance of your breasts. You do not have to worry about the saline solution that leaked because it is safe for the body.

Implants do not have an expiration date, but it does not mean that they last forever. You better ask your doctor when you should come back for a replacement. The doctor's usual recommendation is 10 to 20 years after the surgery.

However, if you see that your implants change in position or cause rippling in your breasts, you should go to your surgeon to check them.

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