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Even though many Asian women would love to undergo breast augmentation surgery to improve their bust shapes and sizes, some of them are concerned about ending up with disproportionately large and obviously fake breasts. They are also concerned about having permanent brown scars beneath their breasts where the surgeon makes the incision for the implant.

Asian women face two major challenges when it comes to breast augmentation. The first challenge is their smaller and lighter frames which make normal breast implants stand out giving them a disproportionately fake look. The second challenge is the fact that their lighter skin develops a permanent darker pigmentation from scarring. It is therefore important for the surgeon to consider factors that are unique to Asian women when performing an Asian breast implants augmentation Sydney procedure. The surgeon will need to choose the right size of implants and the best location for the incisions.

Choosing the Right Size of Implants for Asian Women

Unlike Western women whose breast sizes range from C to D cup size, Asian women typically have a cup size range of A to B or sometimes even less. This is because of their smaller body frames. The objective of breast augmentation, for all women including Asians, is to improve the appearance of the woman’s breasts while still maintaining a natural look. It is therefore important to choose breast implants that are accurately aligned to the Asian woman’s petite figure. The implants should enhance her breast shape and size without appearing fake.

To achieve this goal, the surgeon should choose implants for an Asian woman based on several factors such as her natural proportions, her natural pre-operation breast volume, her physical measurements, and of course the look and size of breasts she desires to have. The ultimate goal is to give the Asian woman an improved but still natural looking cup size that fits her body size.

Avoiding Visible Incision Scars

Asian women have lighter skin and tend to develop brown pigmentation from scarring. It is therefore important for the surgeon to find the best location for the incision to avoid visible scarring. Some surgeons consider scarring as unavoidable and prefer to make the incision under the breast where the scar is less visible while others choose to avoid visible scars through the following incision alternatives:

  • Trans-Umbilical Incision

In this case, the implant is inserted through an incision in the woman’s navel. This technique is only applicable to saline implants. It is not an option for Asian women who want the natural feel of silicone gel implants.

  • Periareolar Incision

In this technique, an incision for the implant is made around the breast areola around the nipple. It’s only applicable for saline implants and may leave visible brown scars around the nipple.

  • Trans-Axillary Incision

This approach is preferred by most surgeons because the incision is made in the armpit, which is the least conspicuous area of the body. The technique leaves very fine scars that can only be seen if you are wearing a sleeveless top or when you raise your arms.

From our experience, most Asian women seeking for breast augmentation prefer the incision to be made under the breast. This is because they want to rock their new beautiful breasts and still wear sleeveless tops or swimsuits without having to worry about visible scars.

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