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Breast Implants For Asian Women in Sydney

There are hundreds of Asian women in Sydney who want to improve the size and shape of their breasts but are understandably worried about ending up with breasts that look disproportionately big and fake. Many are also concerned about ending up with visible brown scars under the breasts. These fears are quite valid because a majority of Asian women have lighter skin and more petite natural breasts than most Western women.

Breast implants for Asian women have to be inserted via either a nipple (periareolar) incision or an incision in the breast crease. The major problem with nipple incisions among Asian women is that they don’t heal properly. The incision appears darker or raised above the normal skin, which makes it embarrassingly noticeable.

The crease incision, which is cut under the breasts, is also difficult to conceal in Asian women. Their breasts are not large enough to droop over and cover the incision after the breast implant surgery. The scar will still be visible at the front view of the breasts despite having healed properly. As a leading Asian breast implants Sydney specialists, we aim at creating beautiful and natural-looking breasts for Asian women by focusing on the size and the best incision location.

Implant Size

Asian women, by nature, have comparatively smaller breasts. A majority have cup sizes less than A or are size A and A-B. Many Western women have natural size C or D-cup breasts. It’s therefore important for an Asian woman who wants to have an attractive but natural looking bust to choose her implant size carefully.

The implants should be in proportion to her figure and shouldn’t appear unnatural or obviously fake. Our expert cosmetic surgeons understand the concept of right proportion and will not recommend oversize implants that the patient will later regret or complain about.

The best breast implant size for an Asian woman will largely depend on several factors such as her overall physical measurements, the cup size she desires, and her current breast volume. The objective of the surgery is to give her a cup size that makes her look and feel feminine without disproportionately large unnatural breasts.

Gummy bear breast implants work well on Asian women with small frames. However, the surgeon should first measure her chest wall to determine the right implant diameter for the patient. You may even be asked to try on the implants in a bra to verify your best size range. All this is done at our offices before we decide which implant has the right base diameter for you. There’s no guessing involved when choosing the best breast implant size for an Asian woman in Sydney.


Every good Asian breast implant Sydney surgeon knows the importance of BioDimensional planning in helping you choose a perfect implant within your size range. Besides size, the shape of the implant matters too. The position of the implant is also important because you don’t want it to be too high or too far apart to give you an unnatural fake look.

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