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Breast Implant Replacements in Sydney

Breast implants are perfectly designed and manufactured to last many years without any issue. However, problems may occur over time and require a revision or replacement of the implant. The aim of any breast augmentation procedure is to improve the shape, size, and appearance of a woman’s breasts but it is quite natural for the woman to develop displeasure with the implants for one reason or another in the long term. The good news is that implant breast implant replacement Sidney surgeries are possible. So, if you feel dissatisfied with your breast implants, we are here to help.

Why Would a Woman Want a Breast Implant Replacement?

Reasons for breast implant revision and replacement vary on a case-to-case basis. Every woman has her unique reasons for asking for an implant replacement. However, it is quite understandable that with time the woman’s body changes and so do the implants. You may also have had an older style of implants and later you found out that your breasts have become hard, painful, or asymmetrical.

Some of the reasons for breast implant replacement include the following:

The Pursuit of a Bigger Size

From our experience, this is one of the most popular reasons for breast implant replacement. Most women are usually happy with the size and shape of the implants they initially get but in time they feel a bigger size would have served them better. They wish they had chosen a bigger size and go back for a replacement with bigger implants.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is one more reason for breast implant replacement. It is basically the build-up of scar tissue on the implants which, over time, causes hardening or distortion in the shape of the breast. It is a rare case that takes over ten years after the initial surgery. A patient who develops capsular contracture will require an implant revision or replacement.

Leakage or Rupture of the Implant

Breast implants used by surgeons today are made using high-quality cohesive gel but just like other man-made devices, there are cases where the implant ruptures or leaks after a long time. This is however quite rare. Studies show that the incident of rupture in breast implants is around 5% for each implant in a period of ten years. In case of a serious rupture, we can arrange an MRI scan and if necessary replace the implant.

Implant Displacement

There are cases where, due to capsular contracture, the implant shifts to an abnormal position and causes a distortion in the shape of the breast. In this case, we can remove and repair or replace the implant with a new one.

Severe Rippling of the Implants

Most cases of minor implant rippling are hardly noticeable and may not require a replacement of the implant. However, severe rippling that’s visible may require the removal and replacement of the implants.

Drooping Off Implants and Breast Sag

Breast sag may occur in time after pregnancy or weight loss causing the breast to droop and hang over the implants. We recommend breast lifting in such cases together with a replacement of the old implants with new ones.  

If, for any reason, you are not happy with the implants you’ve had for many years, contact us today for a better breast implant replacement Sydney procedure.

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